Friday, March 20, 2009

Stinky Spring Boys

It's spring here in Texas. With the warmer weather, and the kids playing outside all of the time, the boys get stinky....really stinky! Because it's spring break, we've been outside most of the day every day this week. As we were getting up from the dinner table last night, I told the boys to go get a shower. Corbin turned around, and my sweet, sweet little boy said quite defiantly, "Three days in a row, mom???" "Why do we need a shower 3 days in a row???"
I guess I get relaxed about such "meaningless" things as showers in the winter when my boys don't stink, but when they want to sit on my lap at night and watch college basketball (I was 13 for 13 on my bracket when I went to bed last night) they better not smell like stinky, little men. Happy Spring everyone....go get a shower!


Erin said...

Funny posts Claudia! How is your toe? We never made it to dallas last weekend... the snow put a damper on our plans, so I am not just a bad friend who never called :)

momof4dragons said...

I figured maybe you meant you were coming this next weekend. My toe is still hurting, but I'm able to do everything "normal" again. Please let me know when you all decide to come. You know I'd love to see you! Hope you all are doing well.

Erin said...

I will let you may be this month still because my brother-in-law has a trimester break coming up.

Traci said...

Claudia.... thank you is not enough. i love you.