Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Memories

Can it be that Christmas is already over??? It seems as if I were just putting the tree up. We had so much fun this year! My brother Brenton, and his beautiful bride Kelly, my sister Olivia and her crew (Jeremiah, Judah, and Eden) and my sister Genevieve and her clan (Erik, Malachi, Levi, Shaddy, and Halle) all came to Texas. This was the first time we've all been together for Christmas in a LONG time.

We ate, opened presents, baked, ate, cooked, ate, watched movies, talked, had a weiner roast, went fishing, ate, went bowling, and need I say one more time......we ate! Well, most of us did. Kelly and Erik got the flu (or some really nasty bug) so while the rest of us put on 10 lbs, they lost 10 lbs!

Today was one of those days. The day the trees, lights, wreaths, had to come down....or else, they'd be up for another several weeks. Whenever I get motivated, it better get done right away b/c I don't get motivated very often. I'm exhausted from all the re-packing of Christmas stuff. No wonder our parents had one tree, with one wreath on the front door! They were far smarter than we're giving them credit for.

I'm off to shove the remnants of Christmas back into the attic. I hope all of you are better sports and far more motivated than me. Happy New Year!