Wednesday, March 11, 2009


You know those laid-back days when you do random things like bake cupcakes with your kids??? Well, Sunday was one of those days for me. We went to church, and came straight home to put our pjs on. The girls convinced me that we should bake cupcakes for Baylor's birthday instead of buying them for her class party. Usually, I call in my cupcake order, pick them up in their neatly wrapped boxes and deliver them to the classroom, but due to the girls insistance to bake their own cupcakes--I gave in. There was nothing else pressing to do--except clean up all the flour and frosting that would soon cover the kitchen island.
I pulled all of the ingredients, pans, etc out as the girls tied their aprons on and got their stools to pull up to the counter. (I am getting somewhere with this story!) We FINALLY got all the ingredients in the bowl. As I went to get the mixer, I knocked the tar out of my 4th toe. I not only knocked it, stubbed it, hurt like Hades it....I BROKE IT!! And only for the love of my friend Traci, am I not putting a picture of my crooked, bruised, still hurting like Hades toe on here for all to see.
So, the moral of this story is.....BUY THE FREAKIN' CUPCAKES. (Or, maybe it's, don't be a clutz and run into the kitchen stool.) You pick your own moral, I've already picked mine.


Traci said...

I LOVE this story... and where is the picture???? You good little mommy for trying!

Next time your little darlings try to talk you into spending time with them and doing something really fun... call me, I will talk you out of it! :)

Traci said...

oh yeah... how is your toe?

momof4dragons said...

The toe is doing much better, thanks. for a picture, I didn't figure anyone wanted to see a crooked, purple, disfigured toe!