Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love you Jorge and Traci!

I love you. I love that you take such good care of your wife--one of my greatest friends EVER! I love that you're an amazing daddy to Max, Kennedy, Sophie, and Jake. I love that God has given you an opportunity to bless us with your wit and humor for hopefully many more years to come.
I can only imagine what last week held for the entire Forero family. It was heart-wrenching for those of us far away...awaiting every new "Paulette" blog...hoping for good news. The thought of Traci getting the news in the front yard still brings me to tears. The thought of Max hearing the news makes my skin crawl. But the news of you being able to return home brought such great joy to our hearts.
We've prayed for each of you so much this past 2 weeks. These weeks have made me realize how rarely I pray for my dear friends. I'm sorry for that. We will continue praying for you, Jorge and Traci, as you continue to deal with all that's happened recently. No doubt it's changed your family forever. I love you both....always have, always will.
(P.S. As for the pictures, the good Lord only knows where I came up with that crazy Siloampalooza outfit and hairdo....or the high-waisted belted jeans.) Gotta love the '90's!!