Friday, November 21, 2008

Merry Thanksgiving.......

Merry Thanksgiving. I've created a new phrase for those of us who are crazy enough to get Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. I figure if Hobby Lobby can put their Christmas trees up in July, it's ok if I put mine up in November.
I'm looking forward to a whole week of NO school. Our district gets the entire Thanksgiving week homework, no swimming, basketball, anything. I think I'll stay in my warm pj's for 7 days!! Attractive thought, I know!
We will spend Thanksgiving day with my parents--cheering on our mediocre Cowboys, stuffing our faces with way too much food, and rejoicing in the fact that God has taken such good care of us for yet another year. As the economy continues to faulter, every day becomes a reminder of His graciousness. Our childrens' prayers are now 20 minutes instead of 2....they have to thank God for the grass, roof, windows, warm beds, clothes, toys, family, schools, food, tables, playgrounds, water, etc, etc, etc.
I miss all of my sweet friends and even though I hardly ever get to see any of you, I'm incredibly grateful for each one of you. Happy Thankgiving!


Erin said...

If I didn't have to depend on Mike to do all the carrying for me AND if I had a little more energy, I would have Christmas up around here too. Your house looks beautiful! And I love that your children have such thankful hearts!!! Very sweet.

Brenton & Kelly Benware said...

Happy Thanksgiving sister! So excited to see you and your snowman tree in person soon. Say, "Hello" to everyone for me.