Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks.

What a fun week this has been! The kids were out of school all week. We've stayed in our pj's half of the week. We've Christmas shopped, watched movies, had a weiner roast at my parent's house, and enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving! Rick was home for Thanksgiving, but due to his job he told me that was the last holiday he'd be home for years to come. If I'm lucky, he might be home for Groundhog Day or Secretary's Day. Lucky me!
Black Friday.....Why do they call it Black Friday? It should be called, "Get the &$*% out of my way before I run you over with this germ infested shopping cart FRIDAY." I mean...seriously!! I've never seen more people grabbing things in my life. And they weren't grabbing nicely. They' were grabbing like the item they were going for was the last item in the store. All I could think was, "Recession? What recession?"
I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and that none of you were crushed by the rush of crazy shoppers this morning!


Traci said...

Laughing out loud at your my dear friend!! I agree with the black friday thing... I could never make it. i would rather pay full price... you go girl!!