Friday, November 30, 2007

Jack asked....

Hudson, our oldest son, is in first grade. He's been bringing home long chapter books to read at night. I've finally realized that I can't sit next to him for an hour and a half to listen to every word, so on most nights I have him read aloud so that I can hear him while I'm working around the house.
Last night, Hudson was reading his book in the living room, and I was in the kitchen cleaning up supper dishes. I was half-listening to him--(and that's being gracious).....all of the sudden something he said caught my attention. Surely, Hudson couldn't have said what my ears thought they heard so I went back to doing my dishes. He continued reading...a few minutes later I heard it again. Those awful words COULD NOT be coming out of MY 6 year olds mouth. "Hudson!!!!," I began. "What did you just say???" "Nothing, mommy, I'm just reading." (Me...) "No, I heard what you called your brother....where did you hear those words?" Tears, drama, innocence...."mommy, I'm just reading." SO....I decided to sit next to him so that we could read together and so that I could monitor what was coming out of his mouth. Not two minutes after sitting down, I was shocked when I heard those words come out of his mouth again....and I was sitting there, 2 inches from him. My eyes quickly narrowed in on the page he was reading. Much to my suprise those awful words coming out of his mouth were "Jack asked."
Moral of the story......short of never buying a book for a 6 year old with the words "Jack asked", I will be careful not to jump to conclusions next time.
Poor Hudson. Maybe he'll forgive me for scoldinig him after a few years of therapy. He still has no idea why I was so upset with him. Sometimes I feel like such a "jack asked."


Traci said...

Hilarious!!!!!!! I love those little innocent minds!

amber. said...


Hi Hi Hi! It looks like our good friend, Traci, brought us together. I will now forever spy on your blog. It's fun to see you (um, gorgeous, by the way!) and your family (also gorgeous) and to get little snippets into Dragon Land (uhh, a little scary).

Amber, upper middle, Mayfield dorm, 1994.