Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It was the craziest thing....somebody actually told me that I had a blog....and that I had been neglecting it for a very long time. Could that possibly be? I vaguely remember typing needless bits of information into my computer....vaguely. Maybe it's that I've been too busy catching up on American Idol or The Bachelor--because I certainly haven't been keeping up with the dishes, laundry, get the idea.
I've been having so much fun being a mom. Sometimes it gets so busy that the joy of being a mom and wife is forgotten. When Rick's been in town, we've been playing games with the kids at night or we'll watch "Survivor Man." The kids' love watching that crazy guy eat sheep eyeballs, make fire out of nothing, etc. They're so obsessed with Survivor Man that when it iced last week, they all ran out into the backyard with bowls in hand. They were collecting every piece of ice they could that their dear, adoring, wonderful mom could boil it and make grape koolaid. And that's exactly what I did. Mind you, I didn't take a sip of the koolaid, but the kids loved every drop of it. They loved being in "survival mode"--even though their koolaid was accompanied by a nice, warm, bowl of soup in a nice, warm house.
I'm also preparing for The Cowtown Half Marathon later this month. My older sister, who is every bit as crazy as me, is flying in so that she can walk with me. I was up at 3:45 a.m. to walk 10 miles before the kids woke up. Why again am I doing this to myself??? I am only walking to see the great signs that say things like, "This sounded like a good idea in September."
So, other than being a good mom, training for a marathon, neglecting household duties, watching reality t.v., and carpooling to tennis, basketball, guitar, dance, gymnastics, horseback riding, and swimming, it's been a relatively normal start to another great year.
P.S. Brenton, here is the video of Piper that I promised.


Brenton & Kelly Benware said...

You're fast! I hadn't even finished formatting our lastest blog before you'd're on top of life. Getting up at 3:45am, running marathons, being a mom; what do you NOT do?!

Piper is sure cute in that video; she was holding on good. Tell her that we're proud of her!

Kristin said...

oh my! how did i not know that you have a blog?? i have totally missed it. i have even checked when you have left comments, but it doesn't pop up? can i add you to my blog list? can't wait to check back and see your sweet kids :).
love ya,