Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My birthday boy

Can you get any cuter?? Corbin, my happy-go-lucky, spikey-haired dude is turning 6 today.

Somewhere along the way, he started to believe that he actually grew taller (like several inches) and could run faster on the day of his birthday. Last year, he grew at least 5 inches on the morning of his birthday and he could run "so much faster." Well, this morning when I woke him up, his eyes popped open. He said, " Oh my goodness mom, my heads taller's's taller." He was squeeling with delight because he was so much taller. Then he sprang out of bed and started running laps around the kitchen/dining rooms yelling "I love being 6!!" He loves being 6 b/c apparently he's "so much faster than when he was 5."

It's so cute that I cannot possibly tell him that he didn't grow any or run any faster. He doesn't believe in the ho-ho-ho Christmas guy, but he believes in this----so very cute!!

So, to my very fast, very tall, extremely handsome little Corbin...Happy 6th birthday.


Erin said...

Claudia, that is so cute!! My nephew, Mason, always says "when I am 5" and then goes on to explain what he will be able to do. And way to go on the cakes!!!