Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, you may recall me being a bit cross with the Groundhog this year....but after today's beautiful snowfall "I'm sorry Mr. Groundhog."
Being from North Texas, you just don't see a whole bunch of the white stuff. And, usually if it "snows" it means there are a few flurries that won't even wet the street. Well, today, was the most gorgeous snowfall. (I can call it gorgeous b/c in Texas the snow doesn't loom for a whole season--it'll be gone tomorrow!!) We got around 2-3" which was perfect for the kids to play in and build a little snowman.
Baylor had never really seen snow until this week....she's seen some of the flurry action, but that's about it. She didn't understand the concept of gloves, AND she especially didn't understand the concept of keeping gloves on her hands. Please note in the pictures her exceptional outfit. She had on a dress, sweat pants, pink cowgirl boots, ski goggles, a pair of tights around her neck (fancy scarf, huh?) a red hat that was way too small, and Corbin's coat from last year.
F.Y.I. Now that we've gotten our beautiful snow, I'm mad at the groundhog again. I'm ready for spring!!


Brenton & Kelly Benware said...

Brenton and I are lovin' Baylor's outfit more than words!

Erin said...

We got about 2 inches too, but we didn't even get a chance to play in it because I had bible study that morning and it was mostly mud by the afternoon. I think Baylor is setting a new trend :)