Saturday, February 2, 2008


First things first....I'm not very fond of "the groundhog" this year. Could they just have pretended that he didn't see his shadow. At least once every 10 years, it should be mandatory for him to NOT see his shadow. Oh well!! I'm sure in mid-July, I'll be wishing for these cold months once again.

We're getting ready for the BIG game (aka The Superbowl) tomorrow. I usually (with a great record) pick the winning team by their uniform. Tomorrow will be more difficult in that both teams wear red, white, and blue. SO...until I see their uniforms on them tomorrow, I just can't tell you who's going to win. Hudson is a die-hard Patriots fan, Rick's cheering for the underdogs. Hudson cheers for his team as long as they are winning. He's a wishy-washy football fan.

Hudson and I were sitting on the couch last night. For the second time, in a couple of months, he said, "Mom, do you know that I'm going to be driving in 9 years?" Excuse me, what???? The first 6 years of his life have gone by so quickly. I'm sure the next 9 will too. So this weekend, the t.v.'s been off....not much computing. We've played games, colored pictures, read books. I'm going to enjoy every single solitary moment that God lends them to me....each and every one.